Fall 2013 Headshot by Carrie Richardson Frye Photography

Fall 2013 Headshot by Carrie Richardson Frye Photography

WELCOME to MY BLOG!     My full-time position at NC State University is as a First Year College academic advisor and instructor for about 60 new freshman who are undecided about their major . . .  And a number of other returning students who are, as of yet, unmatriculated.  I am privileged to also teach the COM 466 Nonprofit Leadership and Development class as a part of the Nonprofit Minor at NC State. There about 30 students serve approximately 15 different Community Partners with at least 30 hours of service – learning per student each semester!

I have worked at six other colleges or universities and I am in my fifth career.  I love my job and the students a get to work with!  I delight in teaching and learning, with degrees in Political Science and Higher Education.  I’m also a graduate student in CALS studying Agriculture Education and Extension focusing on Youth Leadership.

My English Bulldog, Queen Victoria, is the love of my life.  When I’m not relaxing with her, grading papers for COM466 or teaching my freshmen in USC 101 or 102, I enjoy traveling and speaking for CAMPUSPEAK.  I also serve as a consultant and advisor in the NC State Greek (fraternity and sorority) Community.

My blog on WordPress is called LeaderBug, accessed at LeaderBug@wordpress.com.

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